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Daily Show Appearance

In 1999, I was approached by a local bowling alley to file a bill allowing alcohol in bowling alleys in Massachusetts. I wasn't aware that bowling alleys couldn't serve alcohol. I had seen the movies Kingpin and the Big Lebowski, but in Massachusetts, after an accident by a driver coming from a Bowling Alley in the Jamaica Plain section in Boston, the Legislature passed a bill prohibiting alcohol from bowling alleys in the state. Actually, after I knew this, it made sense when looking at the construct of bowling alleys in the Commonwealth, there was always a separate entrance for the bar and a separate address. So you would have a bowling alley next to a bar with two separate licenses. They would be adjoining and many had interior doors leading from one to the other but you couldn't bring beverages in to the bowling alley.

I filed a bill to allow beverages in the bowling alleys and it didn't pass in 1998. I refiled the bill in 1999 and it caught the attention of an executive from Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In 1999, the show was relatively new. They sent a camera crew and Mo Rocca who at the time was a reporter for the Daily Show to North Adams to interview me and to do a piece for the show. Here is the link to the piece they ran entitled BWI for bowling with intoxicated.

BWI - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Video Clip) | Comedy Central US (

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